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              The bronze bell has a history of thousands of years and has played an important role in China's history. Now most of the bronze bells appear in monasteries. In fact, the bronze bell has other functions and uses in ancient times. The shapes of large copper clocks are also different. How many kinds of copper clocks can they be divided into? Let's go and find out!



              There are two forms of copper bell. One is the cylindrical button with height, and the crescent shape protrudes from both sides of the lower mouth of the clock; The other is that the upper button is flat. Some buttons are in the shape of an animal, and the lower mouth of the clock is flat. Generally, the two sides of the clock are the same, with six rows and 32 prominent breasts on both sides.



              Bell is a musical instrument. It can express people's joy, coordinate people's labor steps in production, make the dance neat and beautiful in dance, and make the soldiers' steps consistent in military training, so as to shake the prestige of the army. With the development of society, people's understanding of scale and rhythm is becoming more and more perfect, and the production of copper bell as a musical instrument is becoming more and more exquisite.



              With the development of human society, people's understanding of scale and rhythm is becoming more and more perfect, and the production of copper bells as musical instruments is becoming more and more exquisite. The bell family has gradually developed Nao, Zheng, Gu, duo, bell and other types. Their outstanding representative is the chime bell which combines several flat clocks with different vibration frequencies. It is exquisitely made and has the highest artistic value.