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              China is the birthplace of bronze clocks. The countless ancient bronze clocks that are now circulating in the world are an important embodiment of Chinese copper culture. The ancient simplicity and beauty of the bronze bell reflect the immortal history and culture of the great Chinese nation. The sound of the bronze bell is loud and melodious. It is an indispensable magic instrument in Buddhist temples - the Buddha bell.



              Bronze bells have always been used in various dynasties. Bronze bells are mostly used in solemn occasions such as halls and temples. Small bronze bells are also part of combined musical instruments and are accompanied during sacrifice or eating; Large bronze clocks are mostly used in ancient temples in deep mountains to convey information, and the mystery is great.



              Like the bronze tripod, the bronze bell is a symbol of the ruling class's kingship. The pronunciation of the bronze bell is loud and melodious. Since Buddhism was introduced into China, the bronze bell has gradually become an indispensable magic instrument in Buddhist temples. In addition to carving and casting some patterns, there are words, or auspicious words, or chronicles.



              Therefore, the bronze bell not only provides valuable and rich historical materials in the history of writing development, but also in the research of ancient society, politics, thought, literature, economy and other aspects.