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              随着人类社会的发展,人们对音阶、音律的认识日渐完美,作为乐器的铜钟的制作也越来越精致,钟的家族逐渐发展出铙、钲、鎛、铎、铃等种类,它们的杰出代表的将若干个不同振动频率的扁钟组合在一起的编钟,制作精美,拥有的艺术价值高。With the development of human society, people's understanding of scale and temperament is becoming more and more perfect. As musical instruments, the production of copper bells is becoming more and more exquisite. The bell family has gradually developed Nao, Zheng, Luo, duo, Ling and other types. Their outstanding representative isBianzhong, which combines several flat clocks withdifferent vibration frequencies. It is exquisitely made and has high artistic value.



              古代祭祀或宴飨时用的乐器。古属八音之一金类。由王孙钟上的铭文:“用享以孝,于我显祖文考。……用宴以喜,用乐嘉宾父兄,及我朋友”,可以证明钟是宗庙及宴会时的乐器。初的钟大约是由商代的铙发展而来的。现在所见古的钟是西周时代的。在历代所铸的钟里,期间或有铁铸的,但绝大多数还是铜铸的钟。Musical instruments used in ancient sacrifice or feast. In ancient times, it belongs to one of the eight tones of gold. From the inscription on Wang sunzhong: "to enjoy filial piety, to show the ancestral writings to me." It can be proved that the bell is the musical instrument of the ancestral temple and banquet. The early bell was developed from Nao in Shang Dynasty. The ancient clock we see now is from the Western Zhou Dynasty. Among the clocks cast in the past dynasties, there may be some made of iron, but most of them are made of copper.



              自唐代以后,历代封建统治者都竞相铸造各种朝钟、佛钟、道钟、乐钟,并且越铸越大,以求达到彰显自己神权和政权的地位来巩固统治的目的。明代永乐年间铸造的巨型铜钟,重量达数十顿,无论是铸造工艺还是体积重量,都达到了登峰造极的地步。Since the Tang Dynasty, feudal rulers of all dynasties have been casting all kinds of dynasty bells, Buddha bells, Dao bells and music bells, and the bigger the casting, in order to show their theocracy and political power to consolidate their rule. The weight of the huge bronze bell cast in Yongle period of Ming Dynasty reached dozens of tons. Both the casting technology and the volume and weight reached the peak.