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              The bronze bell has a history of thousands of years and has played an important role in China's history. Now most of the bronze bells appear in monasteries. In fact, the bronze bell has other functions and uses in ancient times. Let's find out!



              1. Buddhist magic tools. After Buddhism was introduced into China, the bronze bell has gradually become the representative of Buddhism and the magic tool of Buddhism. Even now, the bronze bell is still the symbol of Buddhism and temples.



              2. The symbol of kingship. In ancient times, the bronze tripod was the symbol of kingship and rulers. Similarly, the bronze bell was also the symbol of the kingship of the ruling class. Since the Tang Dynasty, feudal rulers of all dynasties competed to cast all kinds of dynasty bells, Buddha bells, Taoist bells and music bells, and the larger they cast, in order to achieve the purpose of highlighting their divine power and political power to consolidate their rule.



              Bronze bells are valuable and rich historical materials. In addition to some patterns, there are also words, notes and so on. Therefore, ancient bronze bells not only provide valuable and rich historical materials in the development history of words, but also in the research of ancient society, politics, thought, literature, economy and other aspects, but also reflect the superb technology of ancient Chinese.